Near to UTFPR there are several hotels that you can walk to.

Nacional Inn

San Juan Executive

Victoria Villa Hotel

Lizon Curitiba

Nacional Inn Torres

Ibis Budget

Go Inn


Curitiba is a multicultural city, and there are several different options of food, be it in restaurants, food trucks, food courts, etc.

The principal food in Brazil is rice, beans, meet (cow, chicken, pork, fish), and other accompaniments like potato (fried or cooked), all kind of vegetables like lettuce, tomato, onion, carrot, beet, etc.

It's very common a kind of restaurante called "buffet" where you pay a fixed price or you pay per weight. Here some examples, and others examples.

But it's very common you find restaurants with chinese food, japanese food, italian food, arabian food.

Brazilians love pizzas, so we can find many pizzerias here :-) And brazilians love sandwichs, so you can find local manufacturers and internacional fast food like Burger King and Mcdonald's

And sure, churrascaria (brazilian steakhouse). Where you pay a fixed price and can eat all kind of meet.


Despite the fact that most brazilians eats lots of meat, Curitiba has a big and growing Vegan community, and it should not be a problem for Vegan people to be well fed in the city. There are many vegan restaurants around.

Even in restaurants where they serve meat, one will usually be able to get a decent Vegan meal at all-you-can-eat buffets that are very popular in Brazil, mainly inside shopping malls.

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