Call for proposals

The call for proposals for the MiniDebConf Curitiba 2018 is open.


In principle, any topic related to free software is in the scope of the conference. However, topics related to Debian will be given priority, and among those, topics related to contributing to Debian will be given priority.


Our MiniDebConf is a conference committed to diversity. We would like very much to receive submissions from people that are part of groups underrepresented in the free software community that would like to speak about Debian. If you are part of one of those groups, please send us a proposal. If you know someone from those groups, please suggest that they submit.

If you would like to talk about Debian but is unsure about a specific topic, contact us and we can try to help you.

Types of activities

You can submit 4 types of proposals:

For panels and talks, you can choose the duration among:



To submit your proposal use the form below (the first field is a language selector, switch to English and the rest of the form will be in English):